Mc Naughtans


McNaughtan's is a diversified South African company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of:

  • 1. Bus Accessories (Locks, Lamps, Flooring, Cloth, Seats etc.
  • 2. Truck components (Hinges, Door locking gear, Catches, Fasteners, Lashing rings, T locks, Paddle locks, Cargo equipment, Corner castings etc.)
  • 3. Trailer Equipment (Winches, Jockey Wheels, Stands for caravans etc.)
  • 4. Paint and Abrasives (Sister company is the manufacture of quality decorative, industrial, Automotive and Marine Paints).
  • 5. High-quality fiber-reinforced plastic flatsheets (FRP)
  • 6. Gas stays/ struts for automotive, marine, industrial & medical sectors

We take pride in being one of the largest national suppliers of aftermarket components for over 50 years in the South African market. National distribution takes place via a network consisting of branches situated in Johannesburg, Cape Town Empangeni and Durban.

We have a sister company, also named McNaughtan’s in Australia, which supplies a similar range of products to the bus, truck, trailer and canopy markets in Australia and throughout the world. Associated South African companies are: Steelbank who are steel merchants, Dekro paint manufacture paints and resin, Property company renting industrial sites and Fortified Foods manufacturing and selling butchery, bakery and catering products.


While McNaughtan's purchases around the world, the business has established exceptionally strong links in China where representative offices and factories have been set up. International suppliers are visited and carefully vetted before supply.

To keep abreast of new and improved products and to ensure market competitiveness, McNaughtan’s management annually attends all relevant major automotive shows in Europe, Turkey, the Far East and South America.

Regarding broad based black empowerment certification, McNaughtan’s is also a level 6 contributor – 60% procurement recognition level.


We further offer customers the service of manufacturing to there request from any of the following facilities:
Forging Factory - Mild steel and Stainless steel
Casting Factory - Mild steel and Stainless steel
Stainless steel Factory - General Stamping
General stamping Factory

McNaughtan's offers highly competitive prices and service. In the event McNaughtan's cannot procure or manufacture the goods to a specification, it has the ability to source or offer alternate solutions.

We look forward to supplying your business to our high levels of competency.

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